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Australian wild dog the Dingo

Dingo is a carnivorous animal (member of the canidae family) that closely resembles a wolf. It is mainly found in Australia though scientific research has closely linked it to some dog species found in East Asia. Other than Dingo, it is also widely known as the Australian Dingo, Australian native dog, warrigal or the decker dog.

Facts about the Australian Dingo
Currently Dingoes thrive in the wild; however historians believe that initially they were domesticated species before they eventually returned to the wild.

animals dog dingoAustralian Dingo Appearance
Generally, Dingoes resemble the ordinary dogs. Their average height ranges from 19 to 23 inches. A mature Dingo weighs about 50 to 55 pounds. Their fur coat is yellowish-orange in color with a white patch one each of its legs and a bushy tail. One unique feature about the Dingoes is that they do not have claws unlike other dog breeds. Dingoes are not known to bark and in case of danger they resort to howling just like the wolves.

Australian Dingoes reproduction
Dingoes mate during the autumn season. They are one of the few animal species that are known to possess strong feelings for their mates. They are also known to stick to one mating partner for their entire lifetime. Their gestation period is 60 to 69 days. A pregnant female gives birth to 5 or 6 puppies.

What do Australian Dingoes eat?
Naturally, Dingoes are carnivorous animals. They mainly prey on dusky rats, red kangaroos, lizards and European rabbits. However, currently due to the increase in the levels of the human wildlife conflicts in Australia, Dingoes have been reported to attack domestic livestock.

Australian Dingo Predators
Dingoes are one of the most efficient wild predators, but on the other hand, they also fall victims on the other side of the food chain. The main animals known to prey on Dingoes include the wedge-tailed eagles and salt water crocodiles

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